Born on a Battlefield: Spiritual Strategies For Moms In The Trenches

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Have you noticed that the spiritual “temperature” all around the world is rising? From attacks against the family to chaos and unrest among the nations, the signs are everywhere: Our world is in desperate need of the healing power and victory that Christ Jesus offers us.

God has given us exactly what we need to be victorious, no matter what we are facing. In Born on a Battlefield: Spiritual Strategies for Moms in the Trenches, Heidi St. John invites readers to consider the spiritual implications of every decision they make, and to lean into the wisdom of the Bible in order to find victory and joy for the days we are living in. Because the battle for our children is fierce, each lesson includes an open-and-go guide to teach your children and prepare them to defeat the enemy with truth.

Contains 4 chapters divided into 20 lessons, and 20 additional lessons for kids that correlate with the adult lessons!

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